Founder of Make Media, Dale Dougherty is 3D Scanned

Dale Dougherty, The founder and Chairman of Make Media  visited Turkey in early December under the event series of Turkey Innovation Week . He briefed the current status of Maker Movement and he added how this operation will accelerate and grow by the help of new co-working spaces and Maker Spaces. Furthermore, he mentioned that makers are the ones who serve to their own needs and in the long term, their efforts might be converted to professional operations. After his speech at Innovation Congress Centre, he visited the Maker Demonstration at the Innovation Week too.

3D tarama

Dale Dougherty 3D scan


Dale Dougherty 3D Scanning

During his visit, Dale has stopped by 3Durak’s booth and gently accepted to have his 3D scan there. 3Durak Team has developed a mobile revolving platform (To easily rotate the scanned person in a small space) and a mobile hand-held lighting system  (which evenly illuminates the object/person for high quality scan) for the Structure Sensor -that 3Durak is Official Distributor in Turkey- in a very short time period. You can check the scanned date below.

Dale Dougherty
by 3Durak
on Sketchfab

3D Scanning is then 3D printed in full colours by 3Durak with Projet 660 PRO 3D printer of 3D Systems.
dale dougherty 3D Scan 2

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