The most famous photo of the world was 3D printed

3d printed afghan girl

We may all remember the most famous photo of the World with a title of “Afghan Girl” on cover page of National Geographic in June 1985. What made this photo such famous was, the entire story of a war between Soviets and Afghanistan had been clearly documented in the eyes of the photo’s owner, Sarbat Gula. Afghan Girl had become the symbol of the refugees and the Afghan War of the era with her sharp looks in her bluish eyes!

sarbat gula
When this photo was shoot, Sarbat Gula was 13 years old student in refugee camps. The photographer Steve McCurry had been searching for the Afghan Girl for 16 years and finally he found her in 2002 and shot another photo. This photo was also published on National Geographic

in April 2002.

sarbat gula ikinci fotograf


A documentary was also filmed about Sarbat Gula, nevertheless; this topic and famous Afghan Girl has never been combined with 3D printers. The Afghan Girl originally shot by Steve McCurry in 1985 has been just 3D Modelled by Turkish Designer Erçin Gündüz. Right after that,  3Durak – a 3D Printer Store serving for 3D printing services as well in Turkey – has printed this model in full color by Projet 600Pro Printer. You can find and purchase the model from here:

3d printed afghan girl 2

Afghan Girl is now 43 years old and 3Durak Team is very passionate to deliver this model to Surbat Gula. Morever, before she gets to 45 years old,  3Durak is willing to make her another cover photo with her 3D Figure on National Geographic to draw attention in 3D Printing Technology too.


3d printing afghan girl


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